**Attention summer 2018 participants looking to secure summer flights: the dates listed on this website give the day of departure and the day of return for each program; for example, the Valencia program participants will fly out on May 8th and fly back on June 24th.  Note that flights to Madrid from the US are overnight flights, so the arrival date is the following day: the Valencia participants therefore depart May 8th but arrive May 9th (return flights depart and arrive on the same day).  Please reserve your flights accordingly.  Important: the Peru program return date will be June 25th, NOT June 26th as originally planned; Peru 2018 program dates are therefore May 25-June 25.

**Orientation for summer 2018 programs: April 7, 9am-12noon, MLC 102 (Spain-based programs); April 21, 9am-12noon, Tate 473 (Peru program)

Please note that, in line with UGA campus-wide policy, students participating in study abroad are required to attend program orientation sessions.  This is an excellent opportunity not only to share important information about trip preparation and on-the-ground details but also to get to know program staff and the other participants in your program.  We also very much encourage parents to attend so they can put faces to names and have any questions about the programs answered.  We look forward to seeing you.

Summer 2018 in Spain!  UGA en España's four Spain-based summer programs are set to depart in May: the Madrid-Barcelona program, an intensive 4-week experience in Spain's premiere cities, Madrid and Barcelona, departs May 4, followed by our 7-week programs in Valencia (May 8), Sevilla (May 9), and Cádiz (May 10).  Programs begin in Madrid and feature additional excursions to numerous sites in Spain, with daily activities included throughout the week.  If you are participating in one of this summer's programs, please make sure you have received the appropriate course registration numbers (CRNs) and registered for your SPAN courses and for the SABD course that identifies you as a study abroad participant.  Please also be aware that the orientation for Spain programs will be April 7 and for Peru on April 21 (mandatory for students and strongly recommended to parents).  If you are not participating this summer but are interested in study abroad in Spain, please consider applying in the fall for the Summer 2019 programs.  Whether you prefer the beautiful seaside city of Valencia, the vivid colors and culture of Sevilla, the ocean-bound 'nearly an island' Cádiz, or the urban appeal of Madrid and Barcelona, UGA en España hopes you'll consider joining us in 2019.  For students with an interest in combining a focus on the medical professions with knowledge of the Spanish language, we also offer the Peru Medical Spanish program in Trujillo, Peru.  This program features a practicum with Peruvian medical professionals as well as considerable cultural and linguistic content in various locations in Peru.  We hope one of our programs meets your interests and needs.

¡OJO! NEW: Online application!!  UGA en España, along with study abroad programs across the campus of the University of Georgia, has transitioned to an online application process; at 'goabroad.uga.edu', use your MyUGA ID to sign in to the system and then search our programs by university, term, and location. ¡Muchas gracias!  For further information, you can also call our office in Gilbert Hall (706 542 6536) to speak with us directly about participating in study abroad in Spain or Peru.

Lanier Funds Available.  UGA en España is delighted to have an endowment through the generosity of the Lanier Foundation.  This endowment provides funding to students with financial need, in line with the wishes of our donor that these students be able to share in the benefits of an experience abroad. If this is your case, please consider applying for this funding when you apply for one of our programs.  We ask for a personal statement of interest and a letter of recommendation, to be followed optionally by a round of interviews.  Contact us by email at spain@uga.edu or spain2@uga.edu, or call us at 706-542-6536 for further information.

Morocco Add-on.  The Morocco Add-on project remains on hiatus.  We very much hope to be able to offer this singular experience in the future.